Reservations can be made by calling:


Call from the end of May (usually the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend)
to the first of October. You can also email inquiries to:

We do not accept overnight accommodations Tuesday or Wednesdays.

Please see our Hours.

Overnight guests should make reservations several days to a week in advance. The
hotel has (13) guest rooms – so availability is limited. We do not allow guests to sleep
on the floors – it creates a hazard. We also do not allow pets, sorry.

Silver City has been without electricity since the 1940’s. We currently use a solar
system that has LIMITED power use. Blow dryers, C PAP machines, etc. are difficult to
accommodate and require a generator. The hotel does not have elevators, TV’s, in
room bathrooms or outlets in the guest rooms. We do have original hotel or vintage
furniture. Seven of the thirteen rooms have been upgraded with propane heaters – the
remaining rooms DO NOT HAVE HEAT. Please see the ROOMS tab for layout and
room descriptions.

Please be aware that our Family Style dinners need prior reservations!

We ask that dinner reservations be made a week in advance – since we only receive
supplies ONCE A WEEK. If you happen to call on Saturday morning and get a room for
Saturday night - most likely you will not be able to join dinner that evening.

There is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed inside the hotel – if guests
break this rule, they will be removed from the hotel without refund.

A deposit is required either by credit card or by mailing a check to:
Idaho Hotel – P.O.Box 75 – Murphy, ID 83650
We have a notice of cancellation policy, with loss deposit.
Message phone: 208-863-4768