Update 9 MAY 06

The Jordan Valley side WILL NOT BE OPENED BY MEMORIAL WEEKEND. Previously they were going to concentrate on the fixes there, then work on the Idaho side. Unfortunately - FEMA has to inspect before any work can be done. The Idaho side will be open by this weekend, 13 May 06. It will be posted 4 wheelers and high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicles ONLY. If someone goes up and gets stranded, they have to pay Owyhee County for retrieving them. The county is clearing out the snow drifts today. The road engineer and FEMA are doing the inspection today. Paul Nettelton said the road is very rough - but he didn't have any problems coming in with his Dodge pickup and drove all the way into Silver. He called Dave and told him he'd be able to make it in his 2 wheel drive pickup. The road is single lane in spots. The only snow left in town is up on the foothills. The horseshoe pits are all clear!