Update 4 Jan 06

Here's the latest info I have on Silver City and the road conditions. Sinker Creek washed out one of the culverts, so coming from the highway - that's the first washout. Yesterday, one of the homeowners that were stranded and rescued, went back in on ATV's and was able to get around the first washout. There are several more washout going up the canyon the worst at Baranko - which is impassible on ATV, snowmobile of vehicle - only by foot! The homeowners that went in had to leave their ATV's there and walk to the snow line - about a mile. From there, they were able to ride their snowmobiles (that were left behind on Sunday) into Silver. The only bad wash outs in Silver is the culvert by the school house - the road and culvert are washed out. From the JV side, the Way bridge is washed out and is impassible to go any further on snowmobile. There are several places in town that water has washed over the road, but the road stayed in tack. The hotel and drug store seem to be OK. The county road crew has closed the SC road at Sinker Creek - stating the repairs will start in March. Silver received 7" of snow Monday, 10" of snow Tuesday and about 6" last night - so the snow is back in Silver. By last Sunday between all the rain and warm temp, the snow in Silver had diminished to skiffs here and there.